Blockchain eCertificates of Origin

eCertificates of Origin

Making COs
immutable, smart and
simple to use

Not easy or straightforward task

Verifying the authenticity of certificates of origin typically requires specialised equipment as well as heavy human intervention to be effective in preventing fraud completely.

Our Solution

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The world’s first blockchain-based e-Certificates of Origin. CamelONE Smart eCO vastly improves transparency, security and efficiency in authenticating trade documents.

Built on blockchain

Using blockchain technology, CamelONE Smart eCO is able to prevent the reproduction and modification of data, enabling businesses to easily and securely apply, issue and authenticate certificates.

Low cost implementation

In addition, our system incorporates many simple-to-use features such as QR codes, making it simpler for exporters, chambers, and other CO users to verify the authenticity of the COs without incurring huge implementation costs.

Benefits in features

User-friendly interface​

Exporters can attach supporting documents and submit their eCO applications smoothly via the portal. Approvers and other users of Chambers can log in to view, verify applications and perform other tasks.

Easy authentication using a QR code​

Each Smart eCO issued (digital or printed) comes with a QR code that can be easily verified using a smartphone.

Round-the-clock access​

Log in conveniently to our Smart eCO application with your smartphone or computer at anytime of the day.
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