Finance for GUUD


Simplifying and providing access to trade financing through effective digital trade data analysis on a secure platform, enabling corporate bank and non-bank financiers to provide credit access to players in global trade. 

Simpler, Faster Access to Trade Finance

Producers, manufacturers and traders, big or small, traditionally have difficulty accessing trade financing due to the tedious, stringent processes put in place by corporate banks.

What we have done is provide greater access to trade financing solutions, by offering RYTE, a one-stop digital trade financing platform that gives you access to trade financing solutions whether through banks or alternative financiers, depending on their working capital requirements. 

In Singapore

In Singapore, we first created CamelONE Trade Finance, Singapore’s first unified multi-bank trade finance application portal and evolved it to become RYTE in July 2021, creating a full suite of trade financing application options that provide businesses with regular and alternative financing options to meet their working capital and business growth needs.

Across The World

We create options for businesses to access finance for their working capital needs and we partner closely with banks and alternative financiers to provide credit access to businesses, big or small, young or old, so they can access the financing they need to grow their businesses.

What we do

RYTE Loans

A full service digital trade financing application portal that allows businesses that are looking to apply for:

  • Accounts Payable Financing
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Import GST Financing

The platform connects with corporate bank partners as well as alternative financiers, so businesses have the option to apply for and get their loans approved by banks they already have existing relationships with, or alternative financiers and new bank partners.


A unique financing solution where we purchase your current assets to free up your precious liquidity for more business growth.


Unlike traditional banks, we focus on proven track records and intrinsic economics of the trade flows proposed for financing to help us make a decision on how to support your financing needs.

We are making trade simpler, so we can trade better.