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GUUD in Coffee Industry

Bridging the international market of the finest coffee beans around

A Bright Market Prospect

The world is expected to consume 196 million bags (60kg per bag) of coffee in 2030. The demand for better distribution of coffee in a sustainable and scalable format is crucial at present.

A Steady Demand Growth

With a steady climb in standards of living around the world, especially in the industralised and developing parts, coffee demand has been increasing correlatively. To maintain the current supply-demand balance of global coffee,

Lack of distribution towards the Pacific and Africa region

Coffee distribution at present has mainly come from Brazil and Honduras that accounts for more than 90% of the world’s coffee supply. These beans are then exchanged and traded on major intercontinental Exchanges in the United States. Creating a trade constraint for players from other parts of the world.

Growth held back by liquidity

Matching buyers with sellers is one part to the solution. At present, with the rapid growth in demand in coffee consumption around the world, players in the supply chain struggle to scale up due to the lack in liquidity or cash flow to meet maximum potential demand.

Our Solution

In partnership with GUUD Procure.

Asia Coffee Port (ACP) is a multi-mode online trading platforms for both buyers and sellers from across the supply chain, aimed to move raw coffee beans in a fair, impartial and transparent manner. As part of the GUUD ecosystem, ACP is integrated with our financing and logistics solutions, providing users value-added services as an end-to-end platform.

Aggrogators and Farms

Coffee bean suppliers from all around the world

powered with GUUD procure


Producers of roasted beans, of different methods,  variations and intensities

Importers Distributors

Commercial sellers and buyers 


Producers of various post-harvested/roasted forms of coffee beans

Other Major Trading Exchange
Service Market
Emerging markets mainly in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Traditional European and American countries
Coffee Origin
Coffee growing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa
Central and South American coffee growing countries
Trading Model
Coffee spot price combination
Coffee Futures
Warehouse Layout
Major coffee producing countries and consuming ports in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
European and US ports
Attraction of enterprises
Attract coffee companies to participate in global coffee trading through exchanges
Geographical restrictions leading to low participation rate around the world


Access to Trade Financing

Asia Coffee Port provides trade financing to users on the platform as a value-add

Global Trade

A wide reach of buyers and sellers across the supply chain at different points of a coffee’s manufacturing stage

Trailed Input & Output

All digitalised processes are well tracked and documented on our GUUD Procure platforms, helping businesses hasten what used to be a tedious and manual process, saving businesses precious time.