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Digital transformation
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Digital innovation in logistics is on the rise ​

For more than 60 years, while other industries have taken advantage of advancements in information technology, robotics and automation, the logistics sector has trailed behind.


However, the logistics industry is now experiencing transformation. Driven by the global growth of the digital economy and e-commerce, the digitalisation of trade is a key disruptor that is changing the livelihood of logistics enterprises.

3 major areas of

Technology has driven innovation and improved supply chain efficiencies​

International trade is an engine of growth that creates better jobs, reduces poverty, and increases economic opportunity.


With greater global trade volumes, countries can continue to expand their markets and access goods and services that otherwise may not have been available domestically. As a result of international trade, markets are more competitive, and this ultimately results in more competitive pricing and brings a cheaper product home to the consumer.

From Manual Paper-based Operations to Data Sharing​

Traditional shipping documents require tons of manual paperwork, resulting in significant inefficiencies and costs.

With industry-wide collaboration towards the collective adoption of digital tools that meet stringent industry standards, the logistics industry can gradually move towards a data sharing model that allows for synergistic partnerships, creating efficiencies across various countries and markets.

Digitalisation and Automation of Processes

Digitalisation and automation has been embraced by traditional logistics companies, including carriers, freight forwarders and 3PLs in their core operations, allowing them to increase productivity and deliver better customer service.

Harnessing new technologies such as Cognitive Machine Learning (CMR) and API also helps to ease labour-intensive operations and increase efficiency and accuracy.

Our Solution

Digitalisation in logistics enables businesses to keep up with evolving customer expectations.

Clickargo is a digital e-logistics platform that integrates all logistics and compliance processes and stakeholders into a single system, allowing traders to manage their shipment activities from import/export permit applications all the way to last-mile deliveries.