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An Island of High Dependencies

The city-state population of over 5 million Singaporeans is highly dependent on food imports, accounting for about 90 percent of its total volume. Increasing occurances of global pandemics and animal agriculture disease outbreaks have forced the country to rethink and diverse our source of imports for meat proteins.

A Driven Demand

As a nation with one of the highest GDP per capita with a nation of a relatively high level of disposable income, have driven demand for premium quality food and beverage products. Paired with a diversed range of both Eastern and Western cultures found in Singapore, the demand for a diversed, fresh, sustainable source of food imports on a commercial scale have been steadily on the rise.

Manual and Traditional

Laborious paper processes are common within the F&B industry, leading to inconsistent sources of produce procurement. This leads to a less efficient workflow where industry stakeholders are often times left disoriented in their procurement transaction processes.


With the lack of a common platform to facilitate trade, buyers are often limited to a few supplier bases and sourcing channels, making buyers vulnerable to supply disruptions. Sellers, on the other hand, are not challenged in healthy competition to further strengthen their position in the supply chain.

Better Access, Fresher Produce

We recognise the importance of fresh ingredients in any food preparation. This is why our procurement solution is the answer to bringing fresh produce to the end-users of these ingredients, in a reliable, sustainable and convenient manner.


Procurement platforms that ease the facilitation of moving fresh produces from farm to end users is the key to unlock certainty and convenience. With the help of industry experts, these platforms are made to benefit the end users of these ingredients.

Our Solution

In partnership with GUUD Procure.

Our food procurement platform, Agorafoda (AGF), powered by GUUD Procure, is built with transparency, convenience and security in mind. By integrating what we do best throughout our ecosystem, users of these platform are able to tap onto additional financing and logistical support, powered by RYTE and Clickargo.

The platform is built to connect players within the culinary field and fresh produce industries, offering a space to meet the demand and supply of fresh produce through a robust procurement infrastructure.


Simplified Procurement Process

AGF provides a streamlined and uncompilicated system for its users to procure produce

Wider Array of Produce

Both buyers and sellers on the platform will gain access to a bigger and diverse range of fresh and new products

Expansive Industry Network

Users can tap onto the platform’s wide network of industry stakeholders to seek new business opportunities