An unified procurement workflow with leading industry partners

From procurement to payment

Creating digitalised procurement platforms for B2B players to increase cross-border market reach and access to logistical and financial value-added solutions.

By working with leading industry partners, we have conceived portal engines enabling industries and associations to connect their suppliers and customers. Each player within this vertical is equipped with our best technologies to gain full accountability, visibility, traceability and access to compliance when conducting their trading needs.

Our portals are integrated with other GUUD products such as Clickargo and RYTE for logistics and financing needs, ensuring each business benefits the most out of our solutions. 

Digitalisation &
productivity in mind

GUUD Procure platforms are designed to be digital-first and optimised for efficiency. Our platforms cafacilitation of the buy-sell phase, generation of digital contracts and documentations, to digital tracking of shipments.


All digitalised processes are well tracked and documented on our GUUD Procure platforms, helping your business hasten what used to be a tedious and manual process, and saving your business precious time. 

Integrated with
trade financing

We understand financing plays a big role in driving business growth.  With RYTE financing solutions integrated into our procurement portals, customers are able to secure trade financing easily and quickly. 

What GUUD Procure Offers

Digitalised procurement flow

A paperless process to replace the old-fashioned with optimisation

Digital contracts / Purchase order

All contracts and important documents are transparent to all parties through our procurement systems

Tracking delivery EPOD

A seamless fleet management and tracking system to reduce occurances of pilferages and promotes accountability

Electronic invoice

Generated through our system to avoid tempering from either party


An unbiased platform to trade, with additional financing options available (subject to platform availability)

Digital reconciliation

Reduce clutter and time spent by tracking and reporting efficiently all activities, digitally
GUUD Procure supports various industries


Supporting Southeast Asia’s B2B animal protein trading platform, in partnership with Angliss and other food traders, producers and processors


A procurement trade platform providing various forms of coffee bean from green beans to finished products


Partnership with StorBest to provide trade finance to StorBest’s clients

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Other products

Creating digitalised procurement platforms for B2B players to increase cross-border market reach and access to logistical and financial value-added solutions.

Creating digitalised compliance and logistics platform that connects everyone, including customs, terminal operators, cargo owners, freight forwarders, trucking vendors, container depots and even insurance companies.

Financing solutions designed to provide business operations better cash flow management and scalability for cross-border trades through a suite of financing tools.