GUUD in Action

Sustainability through

Starting out with
an intent to do GUUD

A big part of how our journey with GUUD begins stems from our innate desire to provide as many people as we can with access to global trade. We believe the ability to access curated and fairly priced local as well as cross-border trade solutions can help micro, small and medium enterprises scale better, and in turn help the owners grow their incomes, and improve their standards of living.

Helping economies
and businesses grow

GUUD has been a participant of the UN Global Compact since October 2020, and we believe strongly in helping nations, economies and businesses improve through our trade technology solutions which reference UN CEFACT’s entire BUY-SHIP-PAY trade facilitation model.

Using technology to
make things better

Through our suite of digital technology solutions that facilitate trade for businesses, governments, supply chain players and associations, we help create efficiencies, save costs and provide greater access to partners, vendors, financial institutions and logistics providers.

Simplifying trade
processes to improve live

Our aim is to simplify trade processes for all users, and help nations upskill their human resources, increase their trade volumes and build up their country’s digital infrastructure.

We support Sustainable
Development Goals

We subscribe to Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 9, because they represent us as a company and business, creating value through helping countries build up infrastructure and resources, and creating work opportunities while driving greater economic growth for each nation. 


And this, we believe, is the true value of GUUD.

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