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GUUD has been working on trade facilitation projects in Africa for almost a decade through its office in Kenya. Africa, a continent rich in natural resources, has a huge potential for growth in international trade, digitalisation and development.

Our Office Sits in the Vibrant, Dynamic City of Nairobi

One of Africa’s most influential cities, Nairobi is a vital commercial and financial regional hub, and home to the regional headquarters of various major international companies and organizations.


 As its growing economy and rising prosperity levels fuel a development boom, it’s fast building a reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

Enabling smooth and secure trade flows

With a core team situated in Kenya, and dynamic individuals situated across the rest of the African continent, the GUUD International team is able to provide a myriad of resources to support its projects all across Africa, creating innovative technology solutions that bridge the divide.

We aim to enable smoother, faster, and more secure digitalisation and optimisation of trade flows, covering the entire UN/CEFACT BUY-SHIP-PAY trade facilitation cycle through our robust digital platform solutions, enabling cross-border all across Africa and to the rest of the world.

An industry leader
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With our years of experience in digital trade solutions and our ongoing commitment to innovation and constant improvement, we have built robust platform solutions to help our clients realise greater growth via greater efficiency through our digital offerings.

Digital Solutions in Region



CamelONE. Our eGovernment solution consisting of 6 modules to meet every government’s needs for trade facilitation. Enabling government to trade effectively through a harmonised trade data ecosystem between agencies.

Smart eCO

World’s 1st blockchain-based platform for eCertificates of Origin, in partnership with SICC, that improves transparency, security, and efficiency in authenticating trade documents, permitting instant verification of eCOs through a private blockchain network that prevents fraud, alterations, and third-party interference.


Unique eCompliance and eLogistics platform combining permit declarations, eGatepass (only in Indonesia), trucking fleet management services as well as payments and billings for government and platform-related services.

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