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GUUD is headquartered in Singapore, a leading global trading hub and home to many global enterprises, start-ups, and investors that operate in its robust pro-enterprise environment.

Headquartered at the heart of Asia’s dynamic economies

Positioned as a centre of innovation and research and development, Singapore is located at the heart of Asia—one of the world’s most dynamic economic regions. It also has a well-developed transport and network infrastructure that helps drive global trade within the region.


This has been advantageous for GUUD Singapore as the team continues to innovate and create robust solutions for clients. We aim to enable smoother, faster, and more secure digitalisation and optimisation of trade flows, covering the entire UN/CEFACT BUY-SHIP-PAY trade facilitation cycle through our robust digital platform solutions.


An industry leader you can count on

With our years of experience in digital trade solutions and our ongoing commitment to innovation and constant improvement, we have built robust platform solutions to help our clients realise greater growth via greater efficiency through our digital offerings.


Digital Solutions in Region



Singapore’s first B2B seafood emarketplace developed in partnership with 3 major seafood associations and supported by 4 Singapore government agencies, connecting seafood traders and businesses online, providing access to compliance, financing, and payments to enable seamless end-to-end trade facilitation.



GUUD promises close-to-100% accuracy in permit declarations to Singapore Customs via our automated CMR and artificial intelligence-powered digital solutions. We partner with 7 out of 10 leading freight forwarders to offer compliance solutions with 19% of Singapore’s market share.

A unique digital logistics platform enables greater visibility and traceability of goods delivery via automated processes from job creation to notification of the delivery progress and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). It combines CO2 emissions and driving behaviour-tracking functions to ensure our clients meet their carbon reduction goals and obtain green certification.

Import4U is an Importer of Record (IOR) service, with ancillary courier and freight forwarding services, warehousing and last-mile delivery services where we partner with an array of specially curated logistics-related service providers to provide a full IOR experience. We help ensure our clients meet global trade compliance regulations so that they can focus on their core business.

Smart eCO

World’s 1st blockchain-based platform for eCertificates of Origin, in partnership with SICC, that improves transparency, security, and efficiency in authenticating trade documents, permitting instant verification of eCOs through a private blockchain network that prevents fraud, alterations, and third-party interference.


A unique financing solution to help businesses free up working capital through acquiring businesses’ current assets. Current assets are continuedly traded from origin to destination through RYTE using IoT, to improve traceability and visibility. *Applicable to specific inventory types

A new specialised solution that offers GUUD TDS customers the opportunity to finance their GST payments at low rates, empowering them with improved cash flow.

Southeast Asia’s 1st unified multi-bank trade finance portal made available on the Networked Trade Platform, offering secure and simplified trade finance applications 24/7 with 11 leading trade finance banks.

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