Source of Good


Enhancing access to global trade by creating easy solutions around trade documentation, eCompliance, logistics, payments and financing. 

Source of Good

We make it simpler for producers, traders and manufacturers to connect with their vendors and customers, and trade digitally across the globe with full visibility, traceability and access to compliance, logistics and financing options when they need it.

What we’ve done for Singapore’s seafood trade, we want to bring around the world—because when trade processes are simpler, economies flourish.

In Singapore

In Singapore, we built the country’s very first B2B seafood emarketplace for traders and help them to sell their goods cross-border and locally, simply and more effectively by digitising traditionally paper-based transactions to create greater efficiency, accountability and visibility across their daily transactions. 

Across The World

We create procurement portal solutions for industries and associations, allowing their members to digitally document their purchase and sales processes, and easily access GUUD’s eCompliance and logistics solutions through Clickargo as well as financing and payment options through RYTE, easing their workflows and creating convenience, efficiency and enhancing accessibility.

What we do

Seafood Xchange

Singapore’s first B2B Seafood eMarketplace for Traders. Developed together with the government authorities to promote digitalisation of traditional industries, the digital marketplace allows traders in Singapore to connect with and sell their goods with customers overseas and locally, through a single portal that captures and helps traders manage their transactions in real-time with full visibility and accountability of their transactions.

GUUD Procure

A new powerful procurement portal engine customisable for industries, associations and large FMCG players.


GUUD Procure provides a fully functional procurement portal to manage daily sales and purchase transactions, and connects seamlessly with GUUD’s compliance and logistics platform, Clickargo, as well as its financing platform, RYTE, to offer greater value to all stakeholders.

We are making trade simpler, so we can trade better.