Trade Declaration

Trade declaration

Make tedious permit
declarations a thing
of the past.

Complex trade regulations hinder the growth of global trade

Meeting customs regulatory requirements and constantly having to keep up with the changes and updates for full compliance, can be a difficult process for many businesses.


However, non-compliance can lead to steep fines and penalties, or seizure of goods which could affect businesses adversely.

Ensuring timely submissions accurate and AED-compliant trade/customs declarations is a must for businesses to trade effectively.



Trade regulations knowledge

Time & effort spent in training the declaration team, to ensure their knowledge of the trade regulations is up to date.

Human errors

Manual data entry leading to human errors and inaccurate trade declaration.

Resource allocation

Difficulty in managing resources as permit volumes fluctuates, thus increasing complexity in ensuring timely declaration.

HR Cost

Huge HR cost due to high turnover in these roles, especially now with the stringent customs requirements.


Inexperienced declarants

Declarants mostly inexperienced due to cost constraints, and lack of tools & processes for continuous training.

Frontend upgrade constraints

Most declaration service providers do not have their own Tradenet Frontend, thus unable to customise & improve the system whenever required.

Unfamiliar with
Customer’s Requirements

Not familiar with the specific permit requirements of each customer. One size does not fit all.

No 24/7 Support

Not all service providers are able to provide 24 x 7 trade declaration support.

Our Solution

Tedious permit declarations are a thing of the past with GUUD TDS. Using the latest and right technologies such as Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) built on integrated AI and EDI-based IT automation capabilities, we deliver highly accurate declarations up to 6 times faster.


With strong 24/7 support from our highly skilled and qualified declarations team, you can now speed up your entire declaration process with ease while ensuring 100% AED compliance and accurate customs permit declarations, lowering the likelihood of incurring penalties on late or erroneous submissions.



GUUD has 19% of the market share in Singapore, and more than 90%* of our customers have successfully achieved their goals with our service. Thus you can rest assured that our team is always committed to ensuring the highest service standards at all times.

Benefits and features

Latest technology

“Trade facilitation has emerged as a key factor for international trade efficiency and the economic development of countries. This is due to its impact on competitiveness and market integration and its increasing importance in attracting direct foreign investments.”

service & support

24/7 customer service & declaration support 100% AED Compliance. On-site and off-site Trade Declaration Service  

Report capabilities

Reconciliation and customisable report for easy tracking
Achieving 100% accuracy in permit declarations doesn’t have to be difficult or costly when you leave it in our expert hands.