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GUUD has a strong foothold in Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing economy, and a major player in the
international trade scene.

Southeast Asia's Largest and Most Dynamic Economy

Indonesia is one of the founding members in ASEAN, it boasts a population of 273.5 million (2021) and offers a rich cultural heritage, playing a strategic and important role in ASEAN’s development and regional integration.

GUUD’s Clickargo platform, with the support of the NLE, can now assist businesses in converting traditional physical documents across UN/CEFACT’s BUY-SHIP-PAY trade facilitation model into digital documentation easily and accurately. This will then be stored securely for re-use in various trade applications, creating smoother and faster trade flows across the archipelago.

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With our years of experience in digital trade solutions and our ongoing commitment to innovation and constant improvement, we have built robust platform solutions to help our clients realise greater growth via greater efficiency through our digital offerings.

Digital Solutions in Region



With the robust artificial intelligence powered cognitive machine recognition (CMR) used in Clickargo’s ClicDeclare trade declaration services, users will be able to scan handwritten documents or PDFs into the Clickargo platform and this is automatically identified and populated into the right fields for submission and processing by Customs Authorities.

The technology helps improve accuracies, saves time, and allows for easier document checking.


ClicGatepass simplifies the process of having to get physical documentation paid for at a Customs office, and presented in paper to an officer to transport goods out of a port or warehouse.

It is designed to secure the outbound transactions and ensure a smarter way of managing and keeping a track of the inventory for those products which were not dispatched for fulfilling an order.


ClicTruck is a simplified digital vendor fleet management system that allows you to easily assign jobs to truck drivers, get digital proofs of delivery in real-time and make payments to drivers instantly through a digital wallet service.

With digital job assignment, GPS tracking of cargo and digital management of delivery proofs, truck drivers can now better manage their delivery schedules and delivery orders to get their payments on time.

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